A Letter to Stepfathers: Part 2

To Stepdads:

When you marry a woman with children, you are marrying ALL of them. For better or worse, sickness and health, you took an oath to be there. Man up, and stick to your oath.

I hear too many times of Stepdads that father their own children, but treat their stepchildren as if they are solely the responsibility of their mother. There is no separation of powers! As long as those children are under your roof, YOU are DAD.

Now I understand that if you have your own children, they come directly from you and understand what to expect from you. Bonds between biological children cannot be broken. However, you chose to marry your wife and her children. You have chosen to be a part of the unified parenting front to all children in the house.

You must make changes to set up the house for success. If you maintain two sets of rules for the two parties of children in your house, divorce will pop its head up at you– again. Coordinate with your wife to make sure that all are treated equally.

A unified house is a strong house.
Be the best father that you can be.

Jay Skeeters

In Strength,



Jay Skeeters, BA, NSCA-CPT

Jay Skeeters is the CEO of Thrive: Mind/Body, LLC, an innovative mindset coaching & online counseling practice aimed at empowering motivated individuals to master every area of their life. Jay works with fathers and stepfathers to model strong behaviors to their sons. He also helps frustrated individuals, resentful couples, & disconnected families navigate through tough times. Are you interested in working with Jay? Contact him today at Jay@skeetersstrength.com.

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