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A Letter to Stepfathers

To Stepdads:

I’m a 42 year old Mindset Coach and personal trainer. I have always been into working out, eating clean, and maintaining healthy discipline in all aspects of my life. I married my wife and her son when I was 39, she was 33 and he was 7.

Coming into the relationship, I didn’t mind her having a son, I actually thought it was pretty cool because I didn’t have any kids and it was fun to have the little guy around. I didn’t get too deeply involved in how she raised him at first, I just wanted to be the best role model that I could be for him as a man in his life.

Once we got married, however, I knew that it was time to step it up. I established new house rules and put everyone (wife included), on mission to become the best we could be. We work out together, practice improving communication with one another, and spend as much quality time with each other as possible.

My stepson’s father gets visitation on Sundays from 1230-8pm. While my stepson is with me, I am in charge AND I am tasked with filling in the void of him not seeing his father but once a week. That void must be filled with love, guidance, and discipline.

My mission is to mold a strong independent man that can be relied upon. I want him to be the guy that people call when they need help. That is me, that will be him.

The purpose of this blog is to reach out to all of the Stepdads out there and lend some advice that has helped me be successful on my quest to raise a young man. It doesn’t matter whether you have a stepson or stepdaughter.

It is our responsibility to treat the children that live under our roof as if they come from us.

Jay Skeeters

Be the best father that you can be.
In Strength,



Jay Skeeters, BA, NSCA-CPT

Jay Skeeters is the CEO of Thrive: Mind/Body, LLC, an innovative mindset coaching & online counseling practice aimed at empowering motivated individuals to master every area of their life. Jay works with fathers and stepfathers to model strong behaviors to their sons. He also helps frustrated individuals, resentful couples, & disconnected families navigate through tough times. Are you interested in working with Jay? Contact him today at

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